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How can We help You?
  • How to use HyperPay wallet?

    You can follow our wallet instruction to use HyperPay wallet. If you need any other help, please contact our customer service: [email protected] 

  • I didn't see my transaction in HyperPay wallet when I transfer from exchange Or Tokens withdrew from exchange are not shown in HyperPay for a long time after the transaction.

    Please check on the respective explorer to find out, whether your transaction is successful. 


    If the transaction is confirmed, there may have been a delay and we suggested you to wait for a while longer. Otherwise, you can contract our customer service [email protected] to submit a request investigate. 


    If the transaction failed, you should contract your exchange for help. 


    If this transaction is initiated from HyperPay wallet to exchange, you can contract our customer service [email protected] to investigate the issue. 

  • Where can I find my transaction?

    Typing your transaction address into different blockchain websites, you can easily find your transaction details. 


    At the moment, HyperPay is using these blockchain websites:

    BTC related tokens can find on blockchain.info 

    QTUM related tokens can find on qtum.info 

    ETH related tokens can find on etherscan.io 

    Hcash related tokens can find on explorer.h.cash 

    BCC related tokens can find on blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/blocks

    UBTC related tokens can find on www.ub.com/explorer 

    NEO related tokens can find on neotracker.io 

    LCH related tokens can find on explorer.litecoinca.sh 

  • Why I didn't receive the verification email?

    If it isn't in your inbox, check your Junk. Otherwise, you can contact our customer service  [email protected] for help. 

  • HyperPay wallet support PoS?

    HyperPay service can receive token PoS income and redistribute it to our users. PoS time and revenue distribution will be equal to the official announcement of the corresponding token. Currently, HyperPay wallet supports Hcash, Dash and Qtum tokens  


    For example, for the 1st PoS income, Hcash's PoS revenue will be confirmed with a 24-hour and issued on the next day as same as Dash. However, Qtum is different and users need to wait 48-hour to confirm and 48-hour distribute duration. It means that users will wait 96 hours to claim the 1st PoS income. When user withdrawal these tokens, they will receive an extra PoS income as compensation.  


    After 1st PoS income, the distribute date for Hcash and Dash is 1 day and the distribute date for is 2 days.

  • Is HyperPay wallet safe?
    Yes, of course.
    HyperPay wallet supports both on-chain & off-chain and both are completely safe.
    Our security system is based on 24/7 abnormal data monitoring provision by dedicated and specialised security team.
    Moreover, orchestrated code quality and vulnerability scanning in CI/CD cycle system is highly protecting our security system.
    Any disaster? Don't worry at all. We also have "Tier 6 Disaster Recovery System".
  • Why sometimes HyperPay wallet display abnormal price?


    The token price displayed in the HyperPay mobile wallet is obtained from independent trading platforms. If the trading platform system is unavailable due to circumstances, the price in the wallet may be displayed as 0 or incorrectly. The HyperPay service will keep trying to it as soon as possible and restore the correct price. 

  • Hcash lock position and Pos income

    Users can lock Hcash and receive revenue, the exact rates are different for different time duration and calculated pro-rata based on our best estimate. However, users can’t get the Pos income at the same time. Therefore, users can choose a suitable way. 

  • How to get official news?

    Users can obtain our official news from following channels:


             Website: hyperpay.tech


             WeChat: hyperpay


             WeChat customer service: hyperpay


             Weibo: HyperPay


             QQ: 3402017258 


             Twitter: @Hyperpay_tech


             Facebook: @Hyperpayofficial


             Telegram English group: hyperpayofficialenglish


             Telegram Chinese group: hyperpaychinese


             Beechat: HPY中国官方社区

  • How to contact HyperPay for business cooperation?

    For business cooperation, please contact the official team: [email protected]

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