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CoinW was founded in Hong Kong, China, and is one of the world's famous digital asset trading platforms. It provides BTC, ETH, HC, EOS and other mainstream digital asset transaction services to global users, and it is committed to providing blockchain fans with secure, professional, honest, high-quality, and convenient digital asset trading services. CoinW team posesses professional blockchain development technology, years of financial risk control experience, and strong operational strength. It attracts a number of Enterprise executives and programmers from top-tier companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Baidu, Oracle, Tencent, Alibaba, JP Morgan Chase, PwC, Citi, etc, and it has core members from all over the world, which provides endless power for the development of CoinW.
HyperDAO (Hyper Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized financial service ecosystem. The goal of HyperDAO is to establish a complete DeFi ecosystem and provide users with a complete decentralized financial infrastructure. DeFi, or "Decentralised Finance", its core is fair, open and interconnected. HyperDAO will be based on distributed ledger and blockchain technology to build a financial service ecological platform integrating decentralized stablecoin, decentralized community crowdfunding, decentralized wallet, cloud exchange, market forecasting, asset management, inclusive finance and electronics citizen information system and other DeFi technology facilities.
HPX Exchange was established in Melbourne in December 2017 and is a trading platform focusing on blockchain user experience. It provides users with convenient crypto / fiat currency transactions and a safe and comfortable trading environment. HPX is committed to selecting high-quality projects and building a reputation brand for digital currency transactions.
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