Participate in DeFi Staking to Share 10000USDT
13 Oct 2020
To give back to HyperPay product supporters, HyperPay now opens the “purchase DeFi Staking (there’s two versions: Steady · Principal & Interest Guarantee, Max · Compound Interest) to share 10,000USDT” promotion.
Steady · Principal & Interest Guarantee is a fixed 7-day, annualized 15% to 30%, investment product. The principle and interests are guaranteed.
Zero risk and zero handling fee.
Max · Compound Interest is a fixed 21-day, annualized 30% to 80%, investment product. The principle is not guaranteed. The investment subjects are carefully selected by HyperPay team and it conducts compound interest investments, so the risk factor is low and the returns are high.
Time: 2020.10.13-2020.10.16
Users who purchase DeFi Staking can share 10000USDT based on the user’s total purchase percentage of promotion’s total purchase. Purchase percentage = the user’s total purchase (equivalent to USDT) / all users’ total purchase.
Sharing formula: Reward = (the user’s total purchase (equivalent to USDT) / all users’ total purchase)*10000.
Reward distribution: Rewards will be distributed to the wallet balance within 3 days after the event ends.
Snapshot time: The day of DeFi Staking (Steady · Principal & Interest Guarantee, Max · Compound Interest) fundraising end.
User A purchased 40,000 USDT for DeFi Staking on October 12, and purchased 200 ETH for DeFi Staking on October 13, and all users purchased a total of 4 million USDT for DeFi Staking.
As of October 14, the price of ETH referring to CoinW is 373.92 USDT
Then the reward for user A is: [(40000+200*373.92)/4000000]*10000=286.96USDT

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