One-stop comprehensive financial service platform chosen by more than 300,000 users
HyperPay has stable financial returns, safe assets, convenient operation and flexible options
Earned for users $4,782,000+
Support 20+ digital assets, deposit and withdraw with zero fee, stable depositing profits
USDT annualized stable 10%
Fixed investment
Investment cycle from short to long, flexible quota to meet users' various needs, 30+ digital assets idle funds to earn profits
USDT annualized 30%+
From low-risk, high-yield to advanced, high-yield, from current to fixed, selected 50+ high-quality defi protocols, and even early mines, the highest interest rates provided for users
Staking mining High interest
Why choose HyperPay Investment?
Professional Nodes Set-up and Operation & Maintenance Service
Selected 50+ digital assets, asset gain 5%-200%
Hot and cold wallet segregation, rounds of security audits
Low threshold, rich choices, simple operation
BitEarn • Your first choice for current investment
BitEarn is a digital currency value-added service provided by Super Financial Services. You only need to transfer the digital currency to BitEarn in the off-chain wallet, and there are profits for it. No fee, no lock-up, deposit and withdraw at any time.
Earn more for you
Annual interest rate
New user 7-day investment
Estimated annualized rate
Fixed Investment • Personalized Financial Plan
HyperPay has reached strategic cooperation with many digital asset hedge funds and well-known exchanges to provide risk control and value services for cooperative institutions. The investment products launched include but are not limited to 7-day ultra-short-term fast investment, conventional asset lock-up, quantitative trading, hyper insurance, etc.
DeFi supermarket, one-click access, all in HyperPay
Selected high-quality and popular sectors from the entire network, 500+ DeFi projects, market information, and transaction operation with one click.
The highest annualized rate
HyperPay has formed cooperative relationships with well-known digital currency foundations and consultants to provide fixed, high-yield investment and financial plans.
Investing made simple
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