Announcement on the Official Launch of HBT Vault Pool
30 Nov 2020
HBT Vault pool is an innovative cross-chain DeFi product. It aims to solve the DeFi bottleneck of ETH development and provide the easiest way to participate for HyperPay users and DeFi users around the world. It is jointly launched by the HyperBC and HyperPay teams.
HBT (HyperBC Token) is a decentralized crypto asset issued by HyperBC. It is an ecological token circulating in HyperBC ecosystem, and its purpose is to help crypto currency users to carry out value storage, value circulation and value seeking. HBT holders can not only enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the entire HBT ecosystem, but also participate in the planning and decision-making of HBT's future development. HBT is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum, with a total of 1 billion. It can only be obtained by participating in crypto asset mining, lending business and insurance business in the financial ecology of the HyperBC. There's no pre-mine, no crowd-raising.
The entrance to HBT Vault on HyperPay App homepage will be open for A/B testing at 20:00 on November 25 (UTC+8), and will be officially launched on November 30. The first batch of HBT Vault supports damage-free mining of four currencies: USDT, ETH, HHPY, BTC; and also supports hToken cross-chain asset mining, including but not limited to hHC, hQTUM, hDASH, hBTC, hEOS, hDOT, hFIL, hTRX, hBCH (these currencies will be opened later).
The currency pool opened in the early stage has higher returns. Users only need to deposit the supported token assets in the HBT Vault pool to automatically earn HBT revenues (from secondary market buyback).
HBT Vault pool helps users to avoid high GAS fees and complicated mining experience to enjoy worry-free money making experience, easily realizing the maximum return on assets.
HyperPay Team

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