HyperPay Creative Video Contest, Win New Year Gifts
04 Jan 2021

1. Overview

In order to better build the HyperPay community ecosystem, give back to all Hypercard and HyperMate buyers, and thanks for your long-term support of HyperPay wallet, HyperPay hereby launches a Creative Video Contest for Hypercard and HyperMate buyers to participate and all those who participate in accordance with the rules will get 10USDT participation reward! Moreover, there are ranking rewards for the greatest videos.

2. Eligibility

Person who have purchased HyperMate or any type of HyperCard, and have a personal registered account on YouTube and Twitter.

3. Rules

Participants need to make a creative short videos with HyperMate or HyperCard elements, that is, unboxing videos, product use videos, etc. The subject of the video content is not limited (but the video theme must be around HyperMate or HyperCard, the video content must be positive, and the video duration must be more than 120s). Then participants need to post the video on your personal YouTube channels, collecting likes and stating “HyperMate” or “HyperCard” in the video title! Simultaneously, share the video to your Twitter accounts, follow and @Hyperpay_tech, hyperpay official twitter account, and describe your works.

4. Schedule

① Video solicit time

January 4, 2021 to January 18, 2021 00:00 (UTC+8)

② Likes collection deadline

00:00 (UTC+8) on January 19, 2021 (during this period, you can promote your video to get more likes. In the end, HyperPay will rank and reward participating videos based on the number of likes on YouTube)

5. Rewards

① Ranking rewards (the total prize pool will be linked to the number of participants, the more participants, the greater the prize pool)

According to the likes on Youtube, if there’s more than 20 participants, then:

First place: 300usdt

Second place: 200usdt 

Third place: 100usdt 

if there’s less than 20 participants, then:

First place: 100usdt

Second place: 80usdt

Third place: 50usdt

②Participation reward

In order to thank you for your support of HyperPay, every participant can get 10USDT rewards!

6. Distribution

After the event ends, HyperPay will distribute rewards to the winners within 7 working days, and HyperPay official Twitter will forward the winners’ videos. HyperPay does not accept any frauds and falsifying behaviors. HyperPay reserves all the rights of final interpretation.

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