Filecoin Cloud Mining’s Advance Payment and Interests Repayment
08 Apr 2021
Dear users:
Since the launch of the Filecoin mainnet on October 15, 2020, the pre-pledge and linear release in the official economic model and the high gas costs have tortured miners, and many of them chooses to strike, stopping filling effective hash rate for users. The token gap is huge, and the costs of borrowing and the risks of purchase remain high. 
However, HyperPay is trying its best to protect the rights and interests of users. HyperPay Cloud Mining products have been linearly packaging hash rate, and has paid in advance of 2 million-USDT FIL tokens for users.
The FIL tokens paid in advance by HyperPay are mainly used for pre-pledge and packaging gas fees. The current cost of packaged 1TiB of effective hash rate is about 15.24 FIL.
HyperPay Filecoin Cloud Mining followed the FIL official economic rule to distribute income to users (25% of mining income is released directly, and 75% linearly released) since the beginning, and did not charge users any cost of filling and interest of advance payment, which caused high operating cost for us. Therefore, for the sustainable development of the platform, from now on, HyperPay will charge users fees and interest of advance payment.
The interest is charged according to the market's 60% borrowing rate, accrued on a daily basis, and collected by deducting the user's daily FIL income. Users can also choose to repay it in advance, so that there is no interest.
Moreover, HyperPay will transparently display the data of hash rate, all profits and the calculation logic of costs. Based on the purpose of serving users, we will continue to provide users with the most reliable service.
HyperPay team
April 8, 2021

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