Announcement on the suspension BCH deposit and withdrawal  

06 Nov 2018

Dear HyperPay users:


To support the hard fork of BCH, HyperPay would suspend deposit and withdrawal of BCH at 2018/11/15 19:00 PM UTC+8 and take a snapshot at 2018/11/16 00:40AM UTC+8. After the completion of BCH hard fork, HyperPay will reopen BCH deposits and withdrawal at the earliest.


BCH fork team states that there is no replay protection this time. Users must store BCH in a reliable high-tech wallet. Otherwise, the replay attack would result in asset losses.


HyperPay users who hold BCH at the time of spilt would earn free BCH forked coins.The specific time of the BCH deposit and withdrawal will be announced on official platform.Thanks for your support.


HyperPay Team