HC/HX Double Reward updates

08 Jan 2019

Dear HyperPay users,


The second round of HC/HX double rewards financial activity opened yesterday.Up till now users have invested a total of 345233.2192  HC,of which 43541.14740807 HC is for PoS mining pool revenue,300000 HC is pledged for HX mining. HyperPay would return 99% reward to holders proportionally, leftover 1% will be used for community operation.


The rewards are to distribute in two parts. Firstly,HC principal and interest will be transferring to your account after the end of 28 days. Secondly,the HX rewards is paid daily. Currently HX reward is 0.0162679493916 HX/HC/day, it takes at least 24 hour for users to receive the first HX reward, then it will be transferring to your the previous day’s reward every other day. Just a few hour ago, 18 blocks were missed due to the restart of HX node. As from official announcement the maximum mining reward is 13.5 HX/block in theory, so HyperPay will compensate the total of 243HX to our users.


HyperPay advocates community of transparent & self-discipline, and will gradually start our supervision mechanism. The HX pledged receiving address is hpyhxwallet001. The total redemption amount is 5588.71HX, the weight is 343541.14740807 HC (over 24 hours), thanks for your attention.


HyperPay team