HyperPay revenue transparency series| Report of HC/HX double rewards(21)

27 Jan 2019

Dear HyperPay users,


HyperPay adheres to transparency and self-discipline in industry, and is gradually opening up transparent supervision mechanism. The HC/HX double reward revenue in the period of 26/1/2019 15:00 - 27/1/2019 14:59:59(UTC+8) is now reported as follows.


For the 1st round investors, total investment is 343541.1474HC, of which 300000 HC is pledged for HX reward, 43541.1474 HC for PoS mining pool revenue. The pledged asset receiving address of HX citizen is hpyhxwallet003. and hpyhxwallet004. 343541.1474 HC has stored for 24 hours. Reward: 3621.46182HX


For the 2nd round investors , as of the announcement, the total investment is up to1906481.382HC, of which 1807000.71 HC is pledged for HX reward,94580.68 HC for PoS mining pool. The pledged assets receiving address of HX citizen is as below:

hpyhxwallet001: 499000.8699 HC

hpyhxwallet002: 519999.97 HC

hpyhxwallet003: 106999.98 HC

hpyhxwallet004: 85999.99 HC

hpyhxwallet005: 594999.99 HC

1901516.844 HC HC has stored for 24 hours

Reward:18657.60135 HX


HX rate of return(take compensation into account)

The 1st round: 0.10541566 HX / 1HC / day

The 2nd round:0.009811957 HX / 1HC / day

* All data takes reference of HPY holders stake weight, discrepancy may arise from other pledged accounts


During the event HyperPay would give away 99% reward to HC holders, leftover 1% will be used for community operation. The rewards are to distribute in two parts. Firstly,HC principal and reward will be transferring to your account after the end of 28 days. Secondly,the HX rewards is paid daily. It takes at least 24 hour for users to receive the first HX reward, then you will receive the previous day’s HX reward every other day. 


Please stay tuned with more of our revenue data release, thanks for your attention


HyperPay Team