Mega LBTC Airdrop Announcement

08 May 2018

Dear LBTC token holders,


HyperPay wallet is proud to announce its strategic partnership with LBTC. Considerable amount of LBTC token will be airdropped to HyperPay wallet users from 08/May/2018 UTC+8 20:00 to 12/May/2018 UTC+8 23:59. 


Airdrop distribution rules:


1. 0.5 LBTC token will be given to 10 lucky* newly registered** HyperPay wallet users everyday*** from 08/May/2018 to 12/May/2018. (excl. NSW residents)


2. 0.3 LBTC token will be distributed to users who has 30 LBTC or more but less than 100 LBTC in the wallet, or 1 LBTC token will be distributed to users who has 100 LBTC or more in the wallet on 12/May/2018 UTC+8 23:59. (Airdrop for rule #2 is limited to 175 LBTC)


Distribution time:


13/May/2018, there may be some delay due to large volume of depositing


LBTC project website and community:


Project Website






*the 1st , 21st , 51st , 71st , 101st , 121st , 151st , 201st , 251st , 351st newly registered users on that day will receive 0.5 LBTC token. In the case of 175 LBTC cap is  exceeded, “fisrt deposit, first rewarded” rule will apply.


**registered: completion of registration and mobile phone binding


***everyday: UTC+8 00:00-23:59 


HPY telegram community:


HyperPay Team