HyperPay Will Launch Community Vote for LEEKCOIN Privatization Proposal

01 Sep 2019

Dear HyperPay users,


HyperDAO, the decentralized financial services ecosystem, will launch a community vote for LEEKCOIN privatization proposal in HyperPay on Sep 3rd. The vote will be hold in HyperPay wallet and the voting result will directly decide the final repurchase scheme. HyperPay has already launched the feature of proposal voting and will distribute votes to LEEK holders so as to promote the completion of proposal voting. 



In order to promote the platform upgrade and complete its transition to a decentralized financial service platform, HyperDAO will launch a community vote for the privatization proposals of LEEKCOIN. The proposal with the most votes will serve as the final privatization scheme, according to which HyperDAO team will carry out the repurchase.


Vote Details:

1. The number of votes held by each community member depends on their LEEK holding amount. 50,000 LEEK is equivalent to one vote and the holding less than 50,000 LEEK will not be calculated.

2. HyperPay will close LEEK withdrawal and take a snapshot at 18:00(GMT+8) on Sep 2nd and then issue the votes according to the LEEK holding amount.

3. In order to provide more vote chances to LEEK holders, HyperPay will take a daily snapshot at 18:00(GMT+8) as of Sep 2nd and distribute votes to new LEEK depositors in HyperPay until the end of the vote.

4. The vote is scheduled to start at 00:00(GMT+8) on Sep 3rd and end at 00:00(GMT+8) on Sep 24th. During the vote period, LEEK withdrawal will be suspended and will resume automatically after the vote.


As required by HyperDAO, LEEK withdrawal will be suspended during the vote period from Sep 2nd 18:00 (GMT+8) to Sep 24th 00:00 (GMT+8). For proposal details, please refer to HyperPay Offchain Wallet.


HyperPay Team