Celebration of Mid-Autumn festival, Triple yields received of any asset you choose to invest

10 Sep 2019

Dear HyperPay users:

In order to celebrate the beautiful autumn and to feedback our users, HyperPay planed a special event that users could received triple yields of the asset investment chosen by themselves.

All the community users vote for the asset they want to invest, and the asset with highest polls can have its PoS mining pool’s yields increase to 300%.


Vote information:

Vote Time: Sep 10, 10:00(GMT+8) -- Sep 12, 10:00(UTC+8)

Distribution: 1 vote for each user

Method: Getting into the voting page via scrolled banner on HyperPay home page and vote for the asset

More votes: share the voting link with your community friends to get more votes


Further information:

After the vote, the yields of the PoS mining pool with the highest number of votes increased to 3 times. (Note: If the there are several assets with same votes, the first getting the number is the one.)

Triple yields opening time: Sep 13 -- Sep 19(UTC+8)