The Greatest HyperFin Is Coming -- 10% Annualized Returns to BTC, USDT, ETH and More!

23 Sep 2019

Dear HyperPay users,


As the world's leading one-stop service platform for digital assets, HyperPay has gained its reputation widely for providing community users with secure funds storage, capital transactions, wealth management and financial derivatives services.

Since its launch, HyperPay has provided assets management and value-added services to millions of users. It has accepted more than $1 billion in entrusted funds and earned more than $4.7 million for its users. HyperPay has become the largest and the most professional digital-assets management wallet.

HyperPay has published QTUM holding address which now ranks 28th on the Rich List collecting the whole network. The current QTUM assets in HyperPay which has become the main wallet supporter of the QTUM ecosystem, are worth 120 million Yuan according to the expected increase of bull market. At the same time, HyperPay is the most important wallet supporter of HCASH ecosystem. Its HCASH holdings ranks 2nd on the list, with a historical market value of 1.3 billion Yuan, which causes it the largest digital assets wallet with the largest amount of HCASH. HyperPay will gradually announce the respective asset holding address for community users to supervice.

In order to thank the community users for their continuous support, HyperPay decided to launch a time-limit promotion that part of the asset investments with an annualized returns less than 10% will be increased to 10%. You can join this promotion in BitEarn.

10% annualized returns to all the following:


Promotion Time: Sep 21, 2019

10% annualized returns to PoS including:


Promotion Time: Sep 21 - Oct 18, 2019

Please login HyperPay to view investment details.


HyperPay Team