100%-Return Weekly Promotions 6th Phase to Roll Out -- VSYS

18 Oct 2019

Dear HyperPay users,
HyperPay will launch the 6th phase of 100%-Return Weekly Promotions. VSYS is our sixth product, with 100% annualized returns, 7-day short-cycle. Users can transfer VSYS into HyperPay off-chain wallet in advance to purchase on time. The Promotions is 5-day a phase every week, and 1 round each day, which means 5 rounds a phase. It aims to benefit more users, giving them 100% rewards!
Sixth Phase Product: VSYS
Purchase Time: Oct 21 - Oct 25, at 19:00(UTC+8) every day
Investment Period: 7 days
Annualized Returns: 100%
Quota for Each Round: 100000 VSYS
Individual Limit: 100 VSYS MIN, 5000 VSYS MAX
Rewards Distribution: Rewards of purchased investment product will be accumulated in the way of T+1, which means the accumulation starts within 48 hours after the transferring. Withdraw is not allowed during the period, and both principal and interest will be transferred to your personal wallet together after the maturity.
Preheat of next phase: HC
HyperPay reserves the right of final interpretation.