HyperPay’s New Current Investment Product, Easier Than BitEarn

24 Oct 2019

HyperPay will launch a current investment product on October 24, with 5.7% annualized returns. HyperPay users, as long as they deposit CNYT or USDT, can enjoy daily interest airdrops based on the balance snapshot, and compound interest, the interests accumulated automatically. Besides, they can also enjoy free handling fee, no lock-up, anytime trading and withdrawal, interest airdrops to pending investment currencies, which immensely improve the usability and flexibility of the wealth. The current investment of HyperPay is supported by the digital currency financial services company HyperFin.
HyperFin is a world-renowned professional digital currency financial services company. It has entered into strategic cooperation with a number of digital currency hedge funds, digital currency wallets and digital currency exchange CoinW.ai, providing these partners with risk control, value-added services, and assets management reaching tens of billions. Its products launched include but are not limited to fast deposit&withdrawal of 7-day short-term, online and offline payments, regular lock-up, current balance earnings, quantitative transactions and super safes.
Low Threshold: Mass participation, small-funds eligiblity
Flexible Choices: Deposit & withdrawal anytime, no harm to assets liquidity
High Earnings: Stable and breakeven, supplied by professional financial organizations
1.Interests gained when the daily minimum position requirements are satisifed(CNYT≥100,USDT≥10);
2. Randomly take snapshots daily, and settle with the minimum position of daily snapshots;
3. When the balance is less than the minimum daily position requirement or the balance is taken out, no interest will be yielded;
4, Interes bearing after 24 hours, daily earnings distributed after 48 hours, earnings automatically accumulated.
BitEarn is supported by HyperPay & HyperFin, rewarding the users as long as they deposit digital currencies into the BitEarn of HyperPay. It has merits as follows:
1. Current Investment: daily interest, no handling fee, no lock-up, highly improving the flexibility
2. Multiple Currencies: BT, ET, XR, BCH, EO, ADA and other mainstream currencies, and USDT, CNYT, QC and other stablecoin have been supported
3. No Threshold: no floor limit, no ceiling limit, which satisfy the requirements of small-funds investment and large-business
4. High Rewards: USDT, CNYT with annualized returns up to 10%
What merits does HyperPay current investment have?
1. No deposit operation, interests accrued automatically
2. No withdrawal operation, balance ready-to-use
Deposit Earlier, Interests Higher    Don’t hesitate to deposit CNYT and USDT.