Announcement on HyperPay's Continued Support for the Swap of Hcash's Main Chain Tokens

07 Aug 2018

Dear HyperPay users,


After the first step of HSR mainnet swap is completed, we will continue swap your HSR tokens to the new HC (HyperCash) tokens on 1:1 ratio. We hereby guarantee the continued support for HSR mainnet token swap.You can still deposit your HSR tokens and we will swap it in strict accordance with the Hcash Foundation rules. 


We will strictly enforce the announcement of the Hcash Foundation that Only HSR tokens generated below the block height 938888 are qualified for token swap. HSR generated by PoW/PoS after this height is not qualified. Please be aware scammers may sell unqualified HSR tokens. Do not buy HSR token OTC without reputable escrows.


The details of the token swap will be released on the official website, thanks for your support and cooperation.


HyperPay Team