Announcement on HX Deposit & Withdrawal Cannot Be Performed on HyperPay
06 Mar 2020
Dear users:
Because the HX hot wallet address of HyperPay was maliciously frozen by the HX project party for no reason, our users are currently unable to perform deposit and withdrawal operations. HyperPay has publicized the frozen HX address and reminds our users again not to conduct HX deposit and withdrawal operations.
[HX addresses of HyperPay got frozen]
Address 1: HXNV81CkWqjivD2L3bBvdDpcmo7qS9nq44q4
Address 2: HXNiEzEbntE2oSVnkYQ3W1yMdQXY7AfHv35u
Address 3: HXNQo522FGeG1zZaiFrEfhjqJtbrbGLsYVAX
We strongly condemn the malicious freezing of the account by the HX project party, which seriously harmed the legal rights and interests of  HyperPay and our users. We are intending to resolve it through legal methods. Thank you for your support and understanding at the moment!
HyperPay team

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