May Day! Loan Triple Benefits, 0 Interest for 10 Days!
01 May 2020
May Day Special Promotion! HyperPay BitLoan will launch great benefits, the "May Day Loan Triple Benefits" for USDT / CNYT!
BitLoan is supported by HyperFin, a world-renowned professional digital currency financial services company that holds money lender licenses and legally operates lending services.
Promotion Time: May 1 - May 5
First Benefit: Interest rate drops by up to 50%!
Details are as follows:
Loan period: 7 days
Daily interest rate: 0.03%
Loan currency: USDT/CNYT
For example: 
A borrows 10,000 USDT for 7 days, and the total interest paid: 10000 * 0.0003 * 7 = 21‬‬USDT
Second Benefit: BTC, ETH, EOS pledge rate rises to 75%!
The pledge rate increased from 70% to 75%, which may be the highest pledge rate in the entire network. The market value of the pledge is unchanged, and an additional 5% USDT / CNYT can be borrowed during the promotion.
Third Benefit: 0 interest be as long as 10 days!

Loan Period

0 Interest Term

Daily Interest

30 days

5 days


60 days

10 days


The USDT can be transferred out using the OMNI / TRC20 / ERC20 protocol.
If you have a large loan requirement, please contact the official WeChat: HyperPay-2022, to enjoy one-to-one service.
HyperPay reserves all the rights of final interpretation.

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