Purchase POS ETF, Share 10000 USDT
12 Jun 2020
To celebrate the world debut of POS ETF by HyperPay, and the start of a new era of Staking, HyperPay opens the "Purchase POS ETF, Share 10000 USDT" promotion from June 12 to 21:00(UTC+8) on July 11.
Users share 10000USDT in light of their total purchase shares of PoS ETF. Net purchase = purchased shares - redemption shares.
Sharing formula: Reward = user's net purchase / all users' net purchase * 10000 USDT.
Reward distribution: Rewards will be distributed to the wallet balance within 3 days after the it ends.
Snapshot time: 21:00(UTC+8), July 7. The net purchase of PoS ETF total shares.
User A purchased 10 shares on June 12, 21 on June 30, and redeemed 11 on July 11. Then user A’s net purchase is 20 shares.
Assuming that all users’ net purchase is 1020 shares, user A can get 20/1020*10000=196.07usdt
HyperPay reserves all the rights of final interpretation.

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