BitLoan • Reliable Specialty

Pledge & Borrow

The borrowers pledge their crypto assets ascollateral, such as Bitcoin and select theirpreferred loan terms and interest rate.

Lend & Earn

The lenders invest USDT/CNYT funds into BitLoan marketsand set their preferred loan matching criteria, suchas loan terms and rates.

Match & Done

Our platform will match a borrower’s request with multiple lenders’ funds, and borrowers get the funds instantly.

Millions' Choice


Secure loans at rates generally lower than those offered by other platforms
A speedy application process with a few tabs on your phone Get funds without selling your favourite crypto asset
When the prices of collateral are rising, the amount of the repayment won’t change, Simply repay and redeem your pledged assets
You can use the funds wherever you want


A high return on stable coin than compared with other investments
Diversify your investments in addition to spreading your funds over several loans for minimizing your risks
All loans are backed by locked collateral in mainstream cryptocurrencies
In the case of market volatility or borrower’s failure to repay, forced liquidation will be carried out to convert borrower’s collateral into USDT/CNYT funds

Rates & Fees

Lending Return RateBorrowing Interest RateFees
18.7% p.a.0.06% per day20% of Accrued Interest
Pledge Ratio70%70%70%60%60%
Loan CurrencyUSDTCNYT
Loan Term15 Day / 30 Day / 60 Day
Force Liquidation Alert and Enforce
Collateral will be forcibly liquidated when risk rate reaches 110%

Risk rate = Collateral Market Value /(Loan Amount + Accured Interest)

Risk Control

Security Guarantee

HyperPay sets up multiple risk control measures in users’ authentication, loan application process, account security management and other related issues to guarantee the safety of users’ funds.

Early/Late Repayment

HyperPay P2P service charges penalties for repaying loans early or late. This helps insure our lenders get most funds back on time.

Repayment Guarantee

When borrower’s collateral value drops too low due to market volatility. HyperPay will forcibly sell the collateral for USDT/CNYT funds to repay the loan.

Market Price Monitoring

The pledged cryptocurrency changes with the market price, Borrowers will get warning through app notification or SMS when the risk for forced liquidation is high.

Fast, Flexible & Convinient

Pledge your crypto asset to borrow the funds in you own needor finance a portfolio of loans and earn interest.