Triple HC Investment Rewards! HC Autonomy Voting in Progress in HyperPay

28 Jul 2019

Dear HyperPay users,


In order to encourage Hcash community users to participate in community management and advance the process of HC Autonomy proposal, HyperPay has launched the voting feature. From now on, HyperPay will take a snapshot of HC balances that deposited in HC PoS and HC Investment Plan at 00:00(UTC+8) every day and will distribute votes before 03:00(UTC+8) according to the snapshot. HC Autonomy proposal voting is scheduled to end at 23:59(UTC+8) on Jul 30th and HyperPay will cast all votes on behalf of the users on Jul 31st.


Details of Vote Distribution:

(1) Time for the first snapshot: 25/Jul/2019

   Votes to distribute: 15,000(Distributed)

(2) Time for the second snapshot: 28/Jul/2019 00:00(UTC+8)

   Votes to distribute: 2,000

(3) Time for the third snapshot: 29/Jul/2019 00:00(UTC+8)

   Votes to distribute: 4,000

(4) Time for the fourth snapshot: 30/Jul/2019 00:00(UTC+8)

   Votes to distribute: 5,093


To encourage HC holders to participate in Hcash community management, HyperPay has made the decisions that HC Investment (including high-interest HC PoS) rewards will be tripled as of Jul 28th, and users who participate in the voting will be awarded 200 HC and 1% of the HC needed for voting. Details are as follows:


(1) Time-limited Triple PoS Rewards

Promotion Period: Jul 28th 0:00-Aug 4th 0:00(UTC+8)

Details: Rewards of high-interest HC PoS and HC Investments will be tripled during the promotion

(2) Participate in the voting and share 200 HC

Promotion Period: Jul 28th 0:00-Jul 31st 0:00(UTC+8)

Details: Share 200 HC according to the voting number.

Top 10 users in voting number share 100 HC in proportion.

Users ranked from 11th in voting number share 100 HC in proportion.

Please note: When the voting numbers are equal, time will be used as the second criteria. The earlier you reach the voting number, the higher your ranking is.

(3) Lucky Guy Bonus

Promotion Period: Jul 28th 0:00-Jul 31st 0:00(UTC+8)

Five lucky guys will be drawn from the voters and awarded 1% of the HC needed for voting.

Please note: The individual awarding limit is 100 HC.


Thanks for your support!


HyperPay Team