88% Annualized Reward! Rules Updated for 3rd Round “PoS Mining Plan”

04 Aug 2019

Dear HyperPay users,

HyperPay “PoS Mining Plan” has gained much popularity in the community since its launch. 500K SERO of the first round “SERO 14-Day Investment” were sold out in 119 seconds and the another 500K SERO of the second round were sold out in 3 minutes. There were 233 users in total successfully participating in the promotion.

In order to enable more users to participate, HyperPay has decided to add the third round and the rules are changed as follows: take a daily snapshot of SERO holding volume (including those deposited into PoS) from Aug 3rd 20:00(UTC+8) to Aug 10th 20:00(UTC+8). Users whose daily holding is no less than 1,000 SERO are qualified to take part in the third round.

Details of the 3rd round “SERO 14-Day Investment”:
We will open the access to the third round “SERO 14-Day Investment” for users who meet the participation requirements on Aug 11th. The annualized reward rate is 88%. The total amount is 500,000 SERO and the individual ceiling is 5,000 SERO.

Thanks for your support!

HyperPay Team