16% Annualized Reward! IOST PoS Mining To Be Launched
19 Aug 2019

HyperPay PoS mining is to add a new popular coin—IOST. HyperPay IOST PoS Mining is scheduled to be launched at 17:00(UTC+8) on Aug 20th with two models, including regular PoS and high-interest PoS. The annualized reward of IOST high-interest PoS is up to 16% and the regular PoS rate is 5%. 


Details of IOST high-interest PoS are as follows:

Total amount: Unlimited

Individual limit: Unlimited

Launch time: 20/Aug/2019 17:00(UTC+8)

Annualized reward: 16%

Reward distribution: Rewards will begin to accrue after 24 hours when IOST is deposited into PoS mining pool. The reward users receive will be automatically transferred to the pool every day to produce more reward. According to the IOST staking rules, it takes 7 days to withdraw IOST out of the pool.



HyperPay Team

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